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duplicate Bridge

La Antigua Guatemala


Antigua Bridge Clubs has been formed to increase interest and participation in the game of bridge and duplicate bridge.  We aim to provide a warm and inviting atmosphere for all levels of players.


For newcomers to Duplicate Bridge the Friday game is relaxed and provides an opportunity for learning and discussion to build skills at the table.  The Sunday game, equally friendly, is the time to put those skills into practice.  There are additional games available as well.


The Clubs can arrange bridge lessons or coaching sessions for those players who want to learn and enhance their skills.  The lessons are based on a program from the American Contract Bridge League (  There are written handouts, video presentations and exercises to ensure that new players have a solid foundation for their bridge play.


The Clubs follow the Laws of Duplicate Bridge, as outlined by the ACBL ( Most players at the Clubs use the Standard American bidding system, but partnerships can and do adapt the system to their own needs and preferences.


Please contact us for more information and any questions.

La Antigua
Join us for Duplicate Bridge
Weekly games are available based on high and low tourist season.
Bridge Games are held in various private homes or community centers.
Contact Us for More Information
Guatemala City
12 avenida 2-59, Zona 15, Colonia Tecún Umán
Phone: 23691385
Monday:       16:30h
Tuesday:      15:00h
Wednesday: 15:00h
Bridge Lessons available on request:
Please contact
Marianne Ruefenacht
Phone:          66340311
Cell phone:   30239056
Facebook:     Guatemalan Bridge Club
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